Week ending May 2, 2009

Tidal Potomac River

This week I continued to work a large part of the river from Occoquan to Aquia. I focused on grass beds in these areas as well as some marsh flats. First part of the week I got on an awesome swim bait bite using a 5-inch YUM Money Minnow in the river shad color pattern on the grass down in Aquia. Then came the wind for the rest of the week and we broke out the Booyah spinner baits. We caught our marsh bass on a variety of lures including Texas rigged YUM 4-inch ring worms in blue-fleck. We are averaging 20 to 30 bass a day, I look for that number to increase over the next couple weeks as the bass move past their post spawn recovery period.

Lake Anna

I spent 3-days on the lake getting ready for the Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament. The major spawn has already happened based on the amount of fry I have seen. There are a lot of cruising bass mid and down lake, some are waiting to spawn and some are hanging out watching the blue gills getting ready to make their beds then it will be payback time. The bass up-lake spawned long ago and are now eating. They are hanging around the first point near their spawning pockets. On the Pamunkey these points could be stumpy, clay, or rocky points. Also docks on the same points will work. On the North Anna it's grassy points that are holding fish. Two major factors will play a big role in bass fishing on the lake in the next two weeks; the bass at mid and down lake will start raiding pan fish beds; and bass up-lake are getting ready to take advantage of the shad spawn. My best pattern this week was fishing the grassy points up the North Anna with a black Booyah Pip-Zqueek buzzbait and a 1/4-ounce Booyah spinnerbait.

For more info on Lake Anna check out this site www.va-outdoors.com

Rappahannock River

No report here this week.

Other Places

Sponsor of the week: Booyah

I relied on an old friend in the opening Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament this past weekend. Booyah's 1/4-ounce chartreuse and white spinnerbait with a number 2 Colorado blade and a number 4 willow-leaf blade. Its a perfect target bait and the right size for post-spawn bass. I used it to pick apart wind blown grassy points in the tournament. I also put this little jewel in the hands of my clients because I know its going to yield them results.