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  • Report ending 4-26

    For the week ending April 26, 2008

    Tidal Potomac River

    I only got out on the big river one day this past week and I spent most of that day on Aqua-Po Beach at the mouth of Aquia Creek. A lot of stuff going on some spawning, some pre-spawn, and even a few post-spawn. We did some sight fishing as well as targeting some of the pre-spawn bass out in the deeper grass. When sight fishing I rigged up a YUM 3-inch wooly bug in white on a shaky-head jig head. This was a deadly little deal if they locked up we gottem'. My best lure for the pre-spawn bass was either a Texas rigged YUM craw-papi or that Booyah baby boo jig in black/blue with a green pumpkin craw-papi as the trailer. I also hit the inside coves of Aquia and did well there as well. After this rain the trick will be finding clean water.

    Lake Anna

    Did a couple days here did some sight fishing and also found some pre and post spawn bass as well. I went back to old faithful dragging the Carolina rig just outside the spawning areas. Best lure was a 4-inch YUM dinger in Mardi-Gras. Took some bass on a shaky head as well using a green-pumpkin YUM Houdini worm. Dock patterns are going to start playing big in the next couple weeks the cover of choice for resting females before they start gorging on blue-gills and shell crackers. I spent most of my time between Sturgeon Creek and Plentiful Creek. Up-lake may muddy up due to the recent rain.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report this week.

    Other Places

    OA Guide Tim Nosek moved up river on the Susky this week to do his guide trips. He worked the Montgomery Ferry and Halifax areas. The bass are relating more to current now and are beginning to hit other lures other than the steady diet of YUM tubes Tim has been feeding them for the last 3-weeks. He began to take some bass on hard jerkbaits like the Bomber long-A and Smithwick Rattling rougues. The smallies are in all three phases of the spawn. The recent rains are going to shut the river down for the most of this week but there is always a silver lining to every cloud; no doubt this is going to raise the river elevation substantially prolonging our trips and really coming at the perfect time for spinnerbait fishing. If you haven't experienced a 3-pound smallie obliterating a chartreuse Booyah spinnerbait then you my friend haven't had the experience of fishing's ultimate rush. The only thing more exciting is watching them destroy a buzzbait and that's just around the corner too.

    You can reach Tim personally at 410-776-3104

    Sponsor of the week: Smith Optics

    I told client Mike Maglich that I was going to use him as an example this week in my fishing report. Mike and his wife Carrie got to do some sight fishing with me this week. As Mike worked his lure per my instruction; I would make the play by play commentary seeking Mikes acknowledgment, "lookout she's flexing her jaws, damn she just bump it, dude look out she's head down tail up. He looked at me and said I can't see a thing. The reason he had a cheap pair of optics hanging on his nose and I had my Smith Mavericks on mine. Optics are one of the most taken for granted products that fisherman purchase. Do yourself a favor don't go cheap go all the way go Smith Optics. Now we won't talk about Mike's hook-set.