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Report week ending 7-11

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  • Report week ending 7-11

    Week ending July 11, 2010

    Tidal Potomac River

    I could write the same report over and over on the river for the next two months. Its FFP Flippin', Froggin', and Punchin'. We took two more big toads this past week a 7 and a 6.5, both were caught punchin' and flippin' a jig. I'm going into these grass beds a tearing them apart with a YUM Money Frog and Bass Pro's Kermy getting what we can get then settling in and flipping the holes if the grass is loose or punching it if its matted or just punching the thickest clumps. I'm using two lures for punching a YUM Wooly-Bug or the new YUM F2 Wooly-Bully. I really like this new Wooly-Bully bait I've had a couple fish nearly jerk the rod out of my hand, F2 does stand for ferosity-squared. I work the area between Occoquan and Arkendale this past week.

    Lake Anna

    No report this week.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report here this week.

    Other Places

    Sponsor of the week: YUM

    In the last two weeks we have taken two 7-pound bass and one pushing that mark. Two of those bass as well as numerous other quality bass have fallen prey to the YUM Wooley-Bug. This style bait is without a doubt the best suit lure to punch heavy mats or thick clumps of milfoil. The action is a do nothing gliding action that just jumps into the face of these brutes causing a reaction bite. Because it lacks a bunch of appendages it flows through the thickest of weeds allowing for a more efficient presentation. Another lure of this ilk is the new YUM F2 Wooly-Bully.