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  • Report week ending 4-17

    Week ending April 17, 2011

    Smack Down!

    Tidal Potomac River

    Bass fishing was rocking on the river this week. I covered the whole river from Aquia to the WW Bridge. Bass have now moved to the grass flats in big waves. We took bass on XCalibur Xcs-100's in chart/black back, weightless YUM Dingers, Booyah Vibra-Flex spinnerbaits, YUM Money Minnows, and Carolina rigged YUM lizards. I can't even point out a favorite spot. The flats inside creeks certainly worked best compared to main river stuff and with all the rain and wind the main river will be a mess. The inside of the creeks should remain clear and the bass aren't going to miss a beat. We took more 4-pound plus fish than I can count and anchored it with a big old 7-pound "Gootchie Mama Sow".

    Lake Anna

    The lake fished as good this past week as I have ever seen it. There are a lot of spawning fish as well as a lot that are still pre-spawn. They have committed to the small pockets and cuts. The top pattern was definitely targeting docks inside said cuts. I mainly tossed a weightless YUM Houdini Shad working it with a medium to slow retrieve. I also continued to throw a YUM Houdini Worm on a Booyah football shaky-head to staging points and creek channels that bass are using as travel routes to the shallows. Saturday in that miserable storm was some of the best fishing I have experienced in a long time at the lake in terms of numbers. This coming week will be the juggernaut.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report here this week.

    Other Places

    Sponsor of the week: Booyah

    It has been a longtime since I employed my specially altered Booyah Blade. But I went back old school this past week with a single copper willow blade. I take a regular Booyah Blade spinnerbait remove the blades and replace them with a 4.5 copper blade from Bass Pro. I'll use either a chart/white, perch, or plain white as my skirt colors. This is what took down that big old Gootchie Mama this past week.