Rene, Mike and Javier Saturday
I took these clients out Saturday and Sunday and we had a whole
lot of fun catching fish both days. They kept these fish on Saturday
and released the other 75 fish they caught this weekend.
They had smiles on their face the whole time.

We caught four Largemoth today in 55 feet of water with our baits
set on downlines 40 feet deep! These fish have probably never
been caught before. They were healthy as they could be.

They measured this one which was over twenty inches.
The four Bass today would have topped 20 pounds.

Jimmy Williams and friends

Pastor Ross Strikes again!

Jeremy and Holden
Bubba and Don

As you can see Lake Anna is producing the fish this summer. As water
temperatures get warmer, fishing will get even Hotter. To reserve a
charter and to enjoy this beautiful Lake Anna contact 540 967 3313

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