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  • A few Race Updates

    I have launched a new site called that has all the VA race info and dates - plus some of the races in MD etc. Plus there is a Facebook page with about 400 fans in around 3 days or so which is pretty cool.

    Second quick update - my training is paying off! Today I hit 214 on the scale, no idea when the last I was 214. My first race is coming up March 23rd and I wanted to be 212-210, I should easily make that goal. For this race I will be carrying around 30+ less fat and 8-10 pounds for lean muscle mass than the last race I did towards the end of November 2012. My ultimate goal is to be at or under 200 pounds in May and see where I am, and how I feel and go from there.

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    Great Job Brian!!!

    I know you've been training hard and sticking with it. I look forward to getting my pec healthy and getting back in the mix of things and re-joining you in the training. That was fun and motivating for sure.

    I've been super slack for the last month, and can't wait to get this sling off so I can do some sort of exercise. I know I'm out for the March and May races, but the August 'Super Spartan' is right around the corner. Lot's of work to do for both of us...

    Keep it up.
    Wishin' I was fishin'...



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      Great job Brian!
      "I may be crazy, but it keeps me from going insane"

      - Waylon Jennings


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        Awesome job Brian! It was obvious seeing you at BPS the other night that you had lost a lot of weight. Looking good dude! You will look like that Cenegenics dude when your 72! LOL

        2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions



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          Congrats to ya Brian!
          Crank That Jank!


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            The ped's are paying off. Just busting on ya. I work out all daye everyday....called manual labor. Glad I don't sit in an office and have to do gym time to stay in shape. Doing reps gets boring.

            CHUCK n DUCK