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  • Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

    Anyone ever done it, good resources to read?

    Wife and I are slowly switching out foods, hate all the pesticides, hormones and chemicals in our food - except for McDonalds

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    I don't do hydroponic, but did build the wife a greenhouse and we do a big garden and can a lot of stuff each year. We also purchase a locally grown beef and half a hog every year so we're not eating the HGH stuff you get at the store. We have things in our greenhouse all year except Jan-Feb. I put a bunch of big black plastic water barrels in there and they head up in the day and keep it warm at night.


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      Thanks Charlie, didn't think about that. I just can't help but think that our daughters diabetes and the high rate of juvenile diabetes, autism, ADD etc is directly linked to the hormones and antibiotics pumped into our foods. I never saw all this growing up and my parents and grandparents never had all this crap going on.


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        Yeah, a chicken isn't supposed to weigh 10lbs with a 6lb breast. We still have to buy some things on the regular market, but our pork, beef, chicken and eggs are all local stuff. I do my own chickens and eggs. Between that and the garden/greenhouse we eat a ton less of hormones and stuff than a regular FoodLion shopper. Lord only knows what they put in the meat these days.


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          Brain just put some raised beds in the back yard and grow you some eats..... I am a believer that the issues with the smallmouth kills is the hormones that are put in commercial chickens the run off from the fields has got to have a ton of that in it. there is no way in the world you can grow a full grown chicken in 6-7 weeks with out pumping full of crap

          We are told that we shouldn't judge all Muslims by the actions of an extreme few. Why can't we offer millions of law-abiding American gun owners the same consideration?


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            The downside is: You buy a bunch of hydroponic equipment you can get on one more gov't watchlist.

            The upside is: When they legalize the hippie lettuce you'll be poised and ready to strike.


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                Thank God For Rednecks


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