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  • Gore-tex

    Well my 10+ year old BPS 100 mph suit had started leaking! I wasn't looking forward to dropping that kind of coin again for another one but after having one...can't go without. I was doing some research on other brands etc. and ran across a post saying that Gore tex was guaranteed for life and guys had sent stuff back and they replaced it. Researched that and that is true but with some stipulations "damaged, beyond the life of garment, etc". Mine was faded but in decent shape so I contacted them and sent some photos and they wanted me to send it in. 4 days later get a email saying they will replace jacket and bibs at no charge! They could of easily said it was damaged as it had 2 small holes on outside from hooks getting hung and frankly was surprised they didn't. Great to see a company stand behind there product!

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    Wow. That's reassuring. What a novel idea - stand behind your word and your product . . .


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      Thats awesome. American Legacy Fishing has a good replacement policy too.
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