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    I don't know if you all have been getting these, but I have received two text messages on my cell about gun laws. The one I got today says

    What do you think about the gun laws and representatives in Virginia? Click here to take this important survey from SS Research. Link http://webmd02.themanualdialcompany....wr?id=0DhL8r0I

    I don't know who SS Research is, but has anyone else been getting weird texts? The one yesterday pretty much said the same thing.

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    Looks like something for the delete file to me, dood. I wouldn't open anything coming to me out of the blue, esp on this topic.


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      I got a similar one last evening, tried to do some research on the company. They said they didnt know who was funding the surveys or how the data would be used. I will post a screen grab later of the convo.

      I'm sure it has to do with our governor


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        Who knows. I'm not sure why they need any research. It's not like politicians who will vote for 2nd Amendment infringement are going to change their minds. Laws are already drafted to ban "assault weapons". They aren't merely going to ban AR-15s. Anything with a fixed magazine that can hold more than ten rounds, certain types of shotguns, and handguns could make you a felon for simply possessing them.

        Thank God For Rednecks



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