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War Rods - When You Need Power

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  • War Rods - When You Need Power

    Our latest (2) Fishing Rods setup for Heavy Duty Action.

    2 Lengths: 7' 6" and 8'

    Once in a while a product comes along that is just great and a must have. The War Rod is one of these products. An attention grabber with its no-nonsense construction. Featuring stainless guides (yes-braid ready), a strong and lightweight modified e-glass blank, and a detachable butt for easy storage. It is just a great rod at a great price.

    The Blank: An e-Glass blank with extreme sensitivity for solid hook-ups. The blank is designed for even weight distribution and perfect balance and the first feature an angler notices is its lightweight feel (under 22 ounces) for such a powerful rod.

    The Guides: Worry-free super hard heavy Stainless Steel guides. Silver soldered and hard chrome plated for ultimate corrosion resistance. No need to worry about broken ceramic rigs at the most inopportune moment..

    The Butt/Seat: A great new Marine Grade aluminum detachable butt only found in trolling rods costing four times as much. The detachable butt makes it easy to store and transport the War Rod and delivers the strongest platform possible.

    Real Cork Handles: Genuine Portuguese Virgin Cork adds a flair of sophistication and comfort to the War Rod. The combination of the aluminum hardware with the cork looks fantastic and practical.

    Details: A Stainless Steel hook keeper comes in handy and makes you wonder why this feature is not standard in every rod made. Add a white tip for night visibility and it is obvious that a lot of careful planning and experience went into the design and manufacturing of this great rod.

    Two Lengths: The War Rod comes in a 7' 6" and a 8' length. Two ideal sizes for all applications.

    Application: It is the perfect go to rod for heavy duty monster catfish get down and dirty work. When you want the best, you want a War Rod.
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